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Architecture of MeFoto RoadTrip & GlobeTrotter Tripods

Posted by Dickson Chan on

Colorful tripods are becoming more and more popular in these few years, as it looks more trendy and stylish comparing to the traditional black colors.

MeFoto tripods are one of the most successful brand in the category. On top of the wide color selections, the tripods are also very sturdy and versatile: They get 8kg (RoadTrip) / 12kg (GlobeTrotter) loading capacity, as well as monopod conversion capability. We will do a simple introduction for the MeFoto RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter series Tripods in this blog post.

Let's go more in-depth, here we use GlobeTrotter A2350Q2 Blue Color Version for the demonstration.

Where to buy?

Hinno Photo Gear Store  /  eBay US Store  /  eBay UK Store  /  eBay AU Store

Official Specifications

MeFoto RoadTrip Spec. (8kg loading)

MeFoto GlobeTrotter Spec. (12kg loading)

General Features

Reverse Folding Design:
Leg and Head are folded at the same side,
and the head is totally covered by the tripod leg.
That's why the RoadTrip / GlobeTrotter tripods are shorter than normal tripods.

Folded - Back View

Folded - Front View

3/8" mounting screw (connecting ball head and tripod), please note that it's not removable or reversible.

Twist Lock Mechanism

2 Steps Angle Adjuster

Conversion Procedures of Monopod

Foamed leg, ball head & center column are the elements for monopod conversion.

Step 1: Twist out the foamed leg

Step 2: Screw out the hanging hook, then pull out the center column

Step 3: Connecting the center column to the foamed leg

Monopod Conversion Step 4: Done!

The bottom hook can be attached to the tripod to prevent losing.

Ball Head Details

4 knobs controlling: Main Drag Knob / Damping Knob / Panoramic Knob / Quick Release Knob

Top View - with Spirit Bubble Level

3/8" screw thread size for mounting


Allen Key and Steel Spiked Feet

Interchangable Feet: Rubber feet for flat surface Steel Spiked feet for rocky, muddy, sandy surfaces

Steel Spiked feet have been installed: for rocky, muddy, sandy surfaces

Original Padded Carrying Bag

Wish you get deeper understanding of the MeFoto GlobeTrotter and RoadTrip tripod series from this blog page. Thank you for reading!

Where to buy?

Hinno Photo Gear Store  /  eBay US Store  /  eBay UK Store  /  eBay AU Store

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